Artist Profile:
Chris Chew
"_______" on the fields

35W x 45H cm
Acrylic Paint and Clay Elements on Wood

Taking the viewer on a journey through the world of natural beauty, where beauty is nature and nature is beauty, every line and brushstroke on the stool aims to convey a lovely story of imperfection. Nature is formed by the movements of the brushes and markers, translating to how nature develops in the wild, resulting in an artwork which presents a sense of calm among the messiness.

What are you going to do on the fields? Share with us by writing it down with your own words and being part of the art, e.g. “Lepak on the fields.”, “Chill on the fields.”


Chris Chew

NAFA Alumnus

Chris is captivated by the interplays of art and nature and believes in a special joy found in art. Seeking to use his work as a medium to share his inner joy with the world, he uses both traditional and digital illustrations to create vibrant visual pieces that evoke a sense of child-like wonder in the viewer.