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Grace Angel
Merantau Rindu - Wandering in Nostalgia

40W x 40D x 40H cm
Acrylic Paint on Wood

Merantau Rindu, a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia which means Wandering in Nostalgia, refers to the homesickness that I’m feeling and the many others who have not been able to return to their home countries due to the pandemic. Many international students, expatriates and migrant workers have experienced depression and loneliness as they continue to live their lives apart from their families and loved ones in their homelands. When the audience takes a seat on the stool, I hope they will contemplate and remember the plight of many of such travelers around them, and as they get up, they will go forth to care for others in the community.

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Grace Angel

NAFA Alumna

Intermittently disquieted by the plethora of judgements and importunities in the human mind, Grace Angel's works often investigates the notion of human nature and the beauty of its imperfections. Greatly inspired the ukiyo-e painting style, her work often plays with allegorical and poetical wordings to provoke more juxtapositional readings. She is known for her approach to drawing, printmaking (etching, screen print, lithography, mono - printing) and installation.