Artist Profile:
Ho Chung Kwang

35W x 45H cm
Acrylic Paint on Wood

The concept of this stool was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood art movement which sought to create works greatly influenced by nature, using brilliance of colours to escape from the darkness and the ugliness of contemporary society. With a base of bold black and white, and bright colours splashed on two facets of the stool, the artist aimed to create a design which would stand out in a typical office setting. The artist painted the stool in an intuitive manner, and he hopes the artwork will evoke a sense of freedom or “lepak”, the Singlish word for relaxed enjoyment.

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Ho Chung Kwang

NAFA Alumnus

Ho Chung Kwang is a multidisciplinary artist living by the artist name ‘BODHI’ and is recognized for his paintings, murals, photography and being the house curator for The Fluxus House, Singapore’s only gallery cum hair salon. BODHI delves into traditional and unconventional mediums with innovative methodologies into my creation of art. Inspired by his religion and the diverse spiritual belief systems within his social national environment, his art practice engages the concept of the afterlife and brings forth its notion and reflections from its various perspectives. Currently transitioning between mediums and compositions, BODHI wishes to blend qualities of both affluence and subculture by having both artworks which are exclusive and public.