Artist Profile:
Jessin Goh
Una-VOID-able on DECK

45W x 35H cm
Acrylic Paint on Wood

The void deck brings the community together through the open ground floor of HDB blocks, a ubiquitous part of the Singapore neighbourhood. Community cats are the most common animals which roam the neighbourhood and often make the void decks their homes. The chess game guidelines depicted in the center of the stool is a common design found on the community tables in the void decks. The common users of the void deck – the cats, the cat feeders, the elderly chess game players and the passers-by are depicted on the seat of the stool, showcasing an inclusive society which the void deck aims to gather. One of the feeders offers a piece of fish to the cat, an act of kindness representative of the kampung spirit.


Jessin Goh

NAFA Alumna

Jessin is largely influenced by her surroundings and explores the everyday lives of Singaporeans. Having grown up under the care of her grandmother, elderly figures, along with young children, are close to Jessin’s heart and is often reflected in her digital illustrations. Her illustrative approach comes with a slight bit of whimsy and humour, local colloquies, personable characters and heartwarming narratives, and she hopes to harness these to publish a children’s book in the future.