Artist Profile:
Kenenza Michiko Hasan

45W x 35H (cm)
Acrylic Paint and Pastel on Wood

Inspired by Peranakan art and batik patterns, Memoir aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia through a more contemporary style. Calming pastel colours depicted in crayons more commonly associated with children’s art, there is a sense of childlike and simplicity which encourages the audience to relax and enjoy the pleasant artwork.

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Kenenza Michiko Hasan

Current NAFA Fine Arts Student

Kenenza's art practice revolves around the theme of cultural backgrounds, traditions, myths, and urban legends mainly around the South-East Asia region. Her artworks are chaotic in nature, mainly using expressive brushstrokes to transfer and create the energy. Playing on the duality point-of-views, she portrays deconstructing and reconstructing portraits of human figures, canvases, colors, and growing-decaying ideas. Kenenza hopes to bring out a visceral sensation and evoke critical thinking to the audience's mind when experiencing her works.