Artist Profile:
Lush Tan & William Sim
Bee It Work Or Play, Teaming Up Is A Better Way. 一只蜂酿不成蜜。

35W x 45H cm per piece
Spray Paint and Resin Sculpture on Wood

The two stools are designed to work as a pair. The Chinese proverb, 一只蜂酿不成蜜 means a solitary bee produces no honey, referring to teamwork. The meaning of the proverb is realised when the two stools are pulled in together. Flanking both sides of the stools are a pair of bees, a sculptural interpretation of the once ubiquitous Teamy the bee mascot for a national productivity campaign in Singapore in the 1980s. Through these stools, the artists wish to communicate the spirit of camaraderie. Human beings like the bees, are social animals and we need quality companionship as we work and play hard together.


Lush Tan & William Sim

NAFA Alumni

Lush Tan is a designer and sculptor.
He is also the co-founder of award winning Singapore-based visual arts studio, amphibios, established in 1997. He has collectively and individually contributed his work to corporate entities, government agencies, statutory boards and art galleries. The visual arts studio which he helmed has worked the spectrum of the visual arts ranging from commercial design to fine arts. His work has been recognised in awards such as the Singapore Young Professional Designer’s Award 2002, Springleaf Creative Award 2003,Conqueror Designer Award 2004.


William Sim is a full time visual artist, he is also the co-founder of award winning Singapore-based visual arts studio, Amphibios, established in 1997. William started painting under the tutelage of pioneer artist Tan Puay Tee at the age of 10. Though his mentorship, he studied colour and form. William first started out painting and observing nature through watercolour. Over the years he experimented with various media and subject, but nature as a thematic study has never left his work. The worlds William create find their roots in happiness. The subjects of his paintings are a blend of nature and mechanical objects: they depict, singly and as collectives, dreamscapes where positivity reigns.