Artist Profile:
White Jacket (Adelene)

40W x 40D x 40H cm
Acrylic Paint on Wood

As a meeting point for many people of diverse backgrounds to gather - be it for meals, to have some quiet time, or to play football with neighbours - the void deck serves as a symbol of community. To capture this essence, a single-line drawing is utilized to signify how one place can connect many individuals together. Inspired by the white grouting of the iconic blue-tiled void deck table and seating, the line starts off and forms the chess piece commonly seen on the tabletop. It then flows down the panels of the stool to create the various scenes and activities of the void deck.

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Adelene Chan

White Jacket Art Consultant / NAFA Alumna

Enamoured by the captivating power of how a single piece of artwork can draw the attention of many in a large museum space – from the fluid strokes of Van Gogh’s vibrant paintings, to the minimal organic forms of Richard Serra’s sculptures – Adelene believes that art and interiors are inextricably linked in both the aesthetic and emotional aspect. With her background in art history, colour and design theory, and space planning, she finds joy in curating a bespoke artwork collection that will help elevate the interior space and make tangible the client’s vision.