Artist Profile:
White Jacket (Suzanne)
Le Stool

35W x 45H cm
Acrylic Paint on Wood

Do you know the word ‘void deck’ is unique to Singapore?

It is the ground floor of a housing estate block, an opened and sheltered space where the residents can gather, elderly to play chess and children can run around, rain or shine. Void deck is a very important space for most Singaporeans. It may be used for community functions, from celebratory events like weddings, birthday parties to sombre gatherings to remember the passing of our loved one. The void deck is instrumental in developing a sense of community in our society.

Inspired by the uniqueness of the space and its spirit, the retail gallery space in our studio is designed with the void deck in mind. Instinctively we knew what we have to do to bring this ‘void deck’ lifestyle alive. The ubiquitous fixture of a void deck, a tiled up round table with stools became the main feature. Celebrating the ‘lepak’ culture, this is a space where we hang out, and connect.

This stool design is conceptualized by our Principal Patricia Ho Douven and painted by Suzanne Chin. The typically utilitarian style of the fixture is reimagined through the exuberant and vibrant lens. Though colourful, the base plywood finishing is left exposed, paying homage to these simple yet deeply meaningful fixtures in our everyday life. The top surface features a pixelated chessboard pattern and the planal surfaces decorated with tiled patterns and arch as the window to peek into the future, the void deck is here to stay.


Suzanne Chin

White Jacket Designer

Trained in Fine Arts, Suzanne brings her strength in art curation to the interior projects under her wing. From successfully directing her own exhibition in 2010, to working on the FF&E aspect for many prolific hotels, resorts, F&Bs, and high-end residences, she aims to bring an elevated level of refinement and punch to the spaces.