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When designing the White Jacket office, we wanted to inject life into the space by offering a modern take on local elements and our office locale. Elevating our break-out area are tiered blocks that echo seatings of a stadium grandstand. Perched at the center of the space is a round table that pays homage to the round table found at neighbourhood void decks.

With that in mind, we have partnered with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to conceptualise and develop bespoke stools to complement the focal table. We had the honour of Chen Jia Wen, alumna of NAFA, create three different stool model types that are beautifully crafted with soft rounded edges and exposed wood joinery.

A total of 10 stools are produced and we have invited 8 talented artists to apply their artistic touch to the stools, while the remaining 2 stools are done in-house by our very own White Jacket designers.

Our intent is to make art accessible to all and to encourage the public to own a piece of art while supporting the local art community. As such, all the stools are available for purchase, with a portion of the sale proceeds going towards NAFA Scholarships and Bursaries fund.

All 10 stools are on display in the White Jacket office - drop by our space and have a look!

Being functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, stools are a great way to set the tone of a space. It is a versatile piece of furniture that can double up as a movable seat or a side table, and can also be seen as a decorative and sculptural conversational piece.

The stool also serves as a symbol of productivity and rest. While it can be used for one to sit on when they work on a task, it also functions as a seat for resting. In the days of old, it is a common to see this contrasting sight - groups of people huddling together on their stools to do chores and/or have conversations over meals. It’s in those little moments that we bond with one another through conversation and activity, building up the “Kampung Spirit”.

Proving to be important values during this time, the stools serve as a reminder to collectors about the importance of taking a break from the busyness of life to unwind and reconnect with their loved ones. The artists are invited to work around the theme of “LEPAK” and translate that into visual pieces onto the stools.

Chris Chew
Grace Angel
Ho Chung Kwang
Jessin Goh
Kenenza Michiko Hasan
Lush Tan & William Sim
Sean Lam
White Jacket (Adelene)
White Jacket (Suzanne)

In the spirit of giving back, we are pledging the proceeds to -
NAFA Scholarships and Bursaries Fund (60%)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (40%)

All the stools are available for purchase through a silent auction, with bids starting at $688.
To place a bid or if you have any enquiries, you can contact us at:
hello@whitejacket.com / adelene@wonderbywj.com

If you’d like to see the stools in person, you can make an appointment through the link below:
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