Artist Profile:
Le Matt
W is for Wonder

60.9W x 76.2H cm
Acrylic on Canvas

I wish to relate symbols in the artwork to White Jacket’s roots as an interior design agency and the growth into a multi-disciplinary creative agency with the recently expanded ‘Wonder’ fine art and gallery arm. Therefore, I have selected building blocks as my main motif.

The building blocks on the girl’s face form a natural ‘W’ shape, which is a nod to White Jacket and of course, Wonder, and the young girl being a reference to the director. The building blocks arranged into a tower on the top right is a testament to the accomplishments of the company over the decade. The girl’s eyes are closed momentarily as she dreams and wonders about her next project, and the blocks on the ground hint at the infinite possibilities the future holds.


Le Matt

Born and raised in Singapore (1985), Le Matt spent his formative years studying mathematics and science. In 2008, he left his engineering degree course to pursue his passion in traditional Western painting. Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in May 2011, Matt aims to create art that satisfies the eye and the mind.

He is the recipient of Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Scholarship as well as ‘Leadership in Art Practice’ award and has exhibited at venues including Esplanade, The Arts House, Aliwal Arts Centre, National Design Centre, Objectifs Gallery, and the Affordable Art Fair. His ongoing focus follows the vein of social realism and serves as commentaries and critiques about social phenomena.

Le Matt is versatile in various mediums ranging from graphite, acrylic to oil painting. Besides painting, he also has years of experience in teaching professional art exploration to adults, conducting workshops & corporate team-bonding events since 2012.